I created the After Sixty Club to provide a community where women in their sixties and beyond could learn together and help each other be the best they could be.  We try to provide content that is useful for our readers, but nothing on this site should be considered advice, either financial, medical, or legal.

Please consult a doctor before making any medical changes, changes to your exercise routine or your diet, and your own financial advisor to make any financial decisions and your legal advisor for legal advice.

Occasionally, I may provide links to products that I have used and like.  I may be compensated if you purchase these products, but know that I will only recommend products that I enjoy using and have personally used.

FTC Disclaimer:

In 2009, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) started to require bloggers to provide disclosures with regards to any potential hidden interests and/or biases.

According to the FTC rules, I need to clearly state when I receive any financial compensation because of the content on this site. Rather than placing a disclosure inside every article and on every page, which would clutter up the site and make reading for our members difficult, I prefer to handle it by placing a disclaimer here:

For the purposes of satisfying the FTC rule, please assume the following for everything where I am the author, including recommendations, links, and articles:

That I may have received some compensation in some way.

I started the After Sixty Club because I wanted to create a community where women in their sixties and beyond could make a difference together.  But I understand the need for rules to protect everyone.  Rather than placing regulatory content on every page, this disclaimer will serve the same purpose.


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